Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Western Skies

Welcome to Western Skies Photography. My name is Steven Lewis and I live in the great state of Arizona. My wife, Dori, and I own Western Skies Photography. We love to travel to our National Parks, Monuments, and Historic Sites. We love to take pictures of them, and we thought it would be great to share our fortune of being able to travel to these locales with everyone else, so we created, our home on the internet. Right now, our primary interests are in landscapes, wildlife and flowers. I have to admit, that I am really into the wildlife and Dori loves to get detailed flower images.

We use Canon photo equipment, but that is simply a personal choice.

One of my personal goals is getting actual wildlife photos. The challenge with this is the wildlife is not always cooperative and you may not get anything at all. I was recently disappointed, when I learned about wildlife ranches that cater to photographers in helping them get the "shot". Now don't get me wrong, that is great and for some animals, maybe that is the only way to get it, but I like to get the true wild animals interacting in their natural habitats.

With Dori and I living in Arizona, we are also fortunate to have some beautiful landscape opportunities. The Superstition Mountains are only a few miles from our home, and is one of the truly magnificent sites in Arizona, especially after a desert rain storm or the even more rare desert snow storm.

Please check back, periodically, we will not be posting daily, but intend to use the blog for talking about our upcoming trips, and in some cases as we are able actual trip reports. Also, we will often post pictures to the blog, that doesn't necessarily meet our criteria for sale, but will be good for creating discussions or just showing something nice, but not a good shot.

One of my favorite locations for wildlife photography is the Greater Yellowstone EcoSystem in northwestern Wyoming. When I am planning my trips, I often use blogs and bulletin boards on the web to research animal locations. One of the best for Yellowstone is, and people give detailed trip reports about what they see and where they see it. This doesn't guarentee seeing a particular animal, but it does help to give me an idea of where to look and spend my time.

Well, again welcome to Western Skies Photography, we value your business and comments.