Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It's Been Awhile

Well, I just wanted to apologize for not keeping the blog up to date. It is not that I haven't been out shooting wildlife and landscapes, but I have been very busy with many other topics. Unfortunately, I cannot yet support myself with the wildlife photography, and the job that pays the bills has often gotten in the way, especially since my last post.

Since that post, I have traveled to Malaysia (3 times, plus day trips into Singapore), several trips to Colorado Springs and various outings up to Western Nebraska, one trip to San Jose, quite a bit of time in Pocatello, a week in Manila, a week in Ontario, and a week in Japan. Probably the best of these paying trips was the 5 weeks I spent in Pocatello, allowed me to travel on weekends up to Yellowstone.

For personal trips, Dori and I spent a week in the Virginia area in June, and two weeks in Yellowstone in July and September.

On the home front we have been very busy. We decided that we needed a bigger home, and a bigger lot, with the goal of developing some outdoor habitats and areas that we could photograph the fauna of Arizona in our own "studio". With all of the travel for work, and all of the flux of moving into a new home, that had it's issues, it has been tough to get out more pictures. We are still working on developing the outdoor studio, but we are getting some time to work on our photos and get some more stuff out there.

In October, I received exciting news that two of my photos had been chosen as finalists for the 2011 Cowboys and Indians Photography Contest. We still have not been notified, but I am confident that at least one of them will be published.

As for shooting opportunities, I finally made it to Mt. Evans outside of Denver, CO and was able to get some really great shots of Mountain Goats and will hopefully post some in the near future.

Dori and I had an opportunity to go on an Arizona Game and Fish program to observe Desert Bighorn Sheep at Canyon Lake in the Tonto National Forest.

Dori and I have also found a new area that we are really enjoying, Usery Mountain Regional Park, which is very close to our house. They offer some great programs and some really nice Sonoran Desert settings for us to get some photos.

In Yellowstone, I had some great stories come about, that I will hopefully post at a later time, but the most fun was seeing what I have come to call the Dunraven Sow with her two twins. I felt bad for the rangers, because she spent so much time close to the road near Dunraven all summer. I saw her and the twins probably 10 to 12 times this years.

Well for now this will need to suffice for a quick update. Keep an eye out on the blog, and we will begin to pose more of our adventures soon.

Thank you for your support.

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