Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sunday, 28 June 2009

We got up early today to get some shots at the outflow of Swiftcurrent Lake and it’s waterfall. Then we decided to check out the moose at Fishercap Lake, but unfortunately we were skunked. The mother with twins and the bull had been out before we arrived.

We had to get checked out and on the way back to Yellowstone.

We arrived in Yellowstone around 8:30pm. We stopped first to check out the owl’s nest in Mammoth but did not see anything. Then on toward Tower. At Phantom Lake we saw a bear jam, but it was interesting as there were a few bull elk at the outflow of the lake with a ranger parked near them. The jam was at the middle of the lake with a black bear above the oncoming cars. But as we passed, the angle I think prevented anyone from seeing the bear and everyone was taking car shots at the bulls.

Just before the Tower Ranger office we saw a black bear with a cub of the year. Then on the exit of the Antelope Creek drainage we saw another black bear. From here it was too dark to really see anything else.

I hope to see you under the Western Skies.

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