Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We started our day about 5:30 again this morning with the intention of heading out into the Hayden. Unfortunately, as we started moving down into the valley it became apparent that the viewing would probably be fairly poor, because of the morning fog.

We did get held up in a bison jam, where we got some decent pictures of a red dog.

I decided we should head on up Washburn to look for bears and boy was I glad we did. We found a small bear jam near the big turn out before the Chittenden turn out. It was Scarface, he was out in a clearing just down slope from the road and he was fairly easy going in allowing people to shot him. Unfortunately, he appears to not like the sun, several of us were waiting for him to come out into full sunshine versus hanging out in the shadow of Washburn, but as soon as the clearing was almost in full sun, he headed for the trees.

By this time we needed to head back to Canyon for breakfast and to meet up with my brother and his wife, who were going to spend the rest of our trip with us. We headed back out for the rest of the day around 11:30. We decided to head over Washburn and on toward Roosevelt.

We didn’t see any grizzlies going over Dunraven, but at the head of the valley for Antelope Creek we came on a nice looking black bear, but the jam was pretty bad, the road pretty narrow, the bear was moving toward a narrower area, so we decided we would move on.

We decided that we would go try and find some of the cubs that have been near the turn off to Petrified Tree. When we arrived at the turn off, there seemed to be a lot of activity, so we headed up. We found the black sow with the single cub, and she was attempting to rest at the base of the tree, but the cub decided he needed some attention and was pestering mom. Again, it was fairly crowded so we moved on to bigger and better things, at least we hoped.

We headed out into the Lamar in hopes of finding wolves or bears, but all that happened was we were skunked. We then headed back toward Mammoth and out of the park for a late lunch.

Overall, the day wasn’t bad, but we really did not see that many of the bigger drawing attractions.

I hope to see you under the Western Skies.

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